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Hello and welcome to our super easy to use calculator for quickly converting Kilograms into Pounds. We think it's probably the easiest way to convert Kilos to pounds on the web. We hope you stop by again so please bookmark this site for quick conversion in the future.

Many people use this website because they've been given weights in either Kilos or Pounds and wish to convert these to the other in a quick and easy way. Most people access this converter on their mobile phones because they are not always in front of a computer when they need such a tool.

This often happens if you have resources coming from other countries and that is their standard unit of measuring weight. We are currently in the process of making this website more mobile friendly so you can quickly convert where ever you are. Also, we will soon be producing a kilos to pounds app for Apple and Andriod phones.

Kilo To Pound Converter

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This website is updated and checked daily. 1 Kilogram = 2.20462262 Pounds (lbs) and was updated 24-04-2014.


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